Eleanor Tay

Clinical Fitness Coach

Bachelor of Science (Nursing) (Honours) (NUS, ALCNS)

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Eleanor Tay is the clinical fitness coach at the Sports and Cardiology Centre, and she is hugely passionate about teaching and empowering her clients to exercise, eat and live well to optimize their health.

She is a registered nurse as well as certified personal trainer. Having been a nurse in a busy restructured hospital ward, she is intimately acquainted with chronic illness and death. Her frustration with her patients’ recurrent admissions due to poor disease management led her to leave nursing temporarily to pursue health and fitness coaching as a personal trainer.

Now she is back into clinical practice, not just as a nurse, but as a fitness coach who can understand how challenging it can be to be overweight and struggling with health conditions and other life stressors.

Eleanor strongly believes that prevention is the best cure, and that fitness and lifestyle coaching needs to be an integral part of health care. As such, she loves to give talks regularly to educate the lay public. Off work, she can be found either training in the gym or hiking on Bukit Timah Hill.

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