Covid 19 and Exercise

As we continue to battle the Omicron wave, an increasing number of patients who have recovered from COVID 19 have asked for advice regarding when they can resume exercise. This is a pertinent question since we know that some patients develop cardiovascular complications following COVID 19 infection. And, following this, arises the concern about the

Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Written by: Samantha Sow, Physiotherapist from Rehab Paradigm Cardiac Rehabilitation consists of a whole series of therapeutic lifestyle changes such as physical activity, diet, psychosocial, medical and smoking cessation. Physical activity which includes exercise plays an essential role in cardiac rehabilitation. In general, there are 4 phases altogether, but there is no fixed duration of
Resistance training has been shown to confer many benefits such as an increase in muscular strength, endurance, lean body mass, and bone density. These benefits lead to improved physical function, reduced risk of injuries, and an overall better quality of life. Resistance training has also been shown to be safe and effective across all ages,

The Hidden Perils of Skinny Fat

Having a normal weight with high body fat levels is actually much more dangerous than it looks. Are you skinny-fat? Are you a person who can maintain a normal weight, or even a slender frame, without trying too hard? Or are you thin everywhere except for the stubborn muffin top stuck in the middle? If

Smoking and chronic inflammation

The history of smoking has been predated back to as early as 5000BC, where tobacco was used mainly for ritualistic and medical purposes. However, it started gaining in popularity as a lifestyle choice after the Europeans started growing them en-masse in the 16th century. Despite the harmful effects of smoking that have been preached heavily

Chronic Stress: The Modern Silent Killer

Unabated psychosocial stress, compounded by unhealthy lifestyle practices, is the main culprit behind the epidemic of obesity and chronic diseases in modern societies.  Chronic stress causes you to die faster Stress is your body’s natural defence state against a potential or existing threat (stressor) to your being, which could be psychological, environmental or physiological. When

Our New Place

After 2 years of operating from Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, we now have a new home just across the road in Royal Square Medical Centre. This new facility has been designed with an open-concept gym in mind, while providing privacy to patients undergoing any musculoskeletal rehabilitation or physiological test. Such a design not only
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