Our cancer rehabilitation program is an individually - customized program that brings together our whole health care team together to ensure you counter the side effects of cancer therapies. These side effects may include (but not limited to), fatigue, weight gain, lowered metabolism, reduction in muscle mass, mood swings and an increased risk of cardiac events in the future.

Integrating with your primary medical care provider, the program may include physiotherapy assessment, nutrition counselling, psychologist support, and health coaching sessions to enable you to transition back to an active lifestyle smoothly. 

Am I suitable for this programme? 

The program is best suited for individuals who have undergone/undergoing cancer treatment and must be cleared by their oncologist before embarking on this program.

How is the programme run?

The program is run by our team of allied health professionals to provide you with a co-ordinated and holistic manner in optimising your recovery from cancer. This team consists of our physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician and health coach, who will work with your referring doctor (if any).

After speaking to you regarding your needs, we will design a program that will include sessions with our various healthcare professionals to enable you to reach your desired goals in an effective and safe manner. Specific tests may also be included if necessary.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

No. While time is needed for you to see improvements in your health, the commitment is ultimately down to you.

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