Health and wellness is an important aspect of our lives. Our tests and programs are clinically customized to your condition(s) as well as your targets and goals. They are not only limited to individuals who intend to manage their weight, but also serve as adjunct treatment conditions for conditions including cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnoea and endocrine disorders. 

The tests and programs aim to help you embark on a healthy lifestyle in a safe and effective manner through guidance and education. With a holistic approach in mind, programs may also include sessions with our cardiologist, dietician, physiologist, and health coach.

What programmes are there?

You're suited for:

Clinical Metabolic Assessment

This assessment is perfect for individuals who are seeking to understand their body's metabolism, daily caloric expenditure, and fat - burning ability. 

Tests include:

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Your resting metabolic rate is the energy required by your body to perform its basic functions at rest. Understanding your body's metabolism and fat - burning ability at rest enables you to feed your body in a way that can achieve your goals. 

Metabolic Efficiency Test

The metabolic efficiency test assesses your body's ability to use its carbohydrate and fat stores during exercise. This test will identify your fat - burning zone, which serves as a guide for your exercise and meal plan so that you can achieve your goals in a smarter, more effective way. 

Body Composition Analysis

Understand your body's unique composition and status (e.g: weight, muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat level). The results can also then be used as an objective way to track your progression towards your goals. 

Upon completion of the tests, your results will then be analysed and our exercise physiologists will be able to:

  • Establish your resting metabolic rate & total daily calorie expenditure (TDEE)
  • Establish your caloric expenditure during exercise
  • Assess your metabolic efficiency (fat - burning ability) during rest & exercise
  • Provide exercise and nutrition recommendations based on your goals
  • Track your personal progression

You're suited for:

Chronic Disease Management Program

This program is suitable for individuals who currently experience any form of chronic disease that are part of the metabolic syndrome such as (pre) hypertension, hyperlidemia, (pre) diabetes, low levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, and a large waist circumference.

Our chronic disease management program aims to provide you with an all - rounded approach to help you achieve your goals of living healthily without disease or long - term medication. This is done through a personalized program that is crafted based on your health condition, life circumstances, personal goals, and clinical evidence and can be in conjunction with your ongoing medical treatment plan. 

You're suited for:

Health Coaching

This program is suitable for individuals who needs help to kickstart their healthy lifestyle with guidance from our clinical health coach.

Our health coaching sessions aim to empower you with the right knowledge and skills so that you can confidently do the right things to improve your health in a sustainable manner. These sessions may be done in a personal or group setting, and are structured to include components such as exercise prescription and guidance, nutrition strategies, and lifestyle management. 

You're suited for:

Weight Management Program

Our weight management program aims to provide you with a holistic solution to your weight and body composition goals so that you can reach them in a safe and sustainable manner. Each program is customised to your unique needs as an individual and may include sessions with our cardiologist, dietician, exercise physiologist, and health coach.

Anyone with the desire to achieve a better weight and body composition can embark on this program. 

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