Our weight management program aims to provide you with a holistic solution to your weight and body composition goals so that you can reach them in a safe and sustainable manner. Each program is customised to your unique needs as an individual and may include sessions with our cardiologist, dietician, exercise physiologist, and health coach.

The programme is suitable for individuals who wish to lose weight and improve their body composition in a safe and effective manner. 

What does the programme consist of?

You may be referred to this programme by your doctor or other healthcare professionals. We will work collaboratively with them to understand your current health condition and can then better design the program that is specific to you.

Alternatively, you may also embark on this program without a referral.

You will go through a comprehensive and accurate metabolic assessment by our exercise physiologist. At the end of the assessment, you will find out your body composition, resting metabolic rate and metabolic efficiency. Improving your metabolic health will directly improve your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

You will undergo structured, one-to-one sessions with our clinical health coach. Besides learning correct movement techniques and proper exercise planning, you will also learn nutrition and lifestyle strategies that will help you in your journey to becoming a healthier you.


The objective of these sessions is to help you discover your goals and the methods to attain them. We wish to empower you with the right knowledge and skills so you can confidently and consistently improve your health and managent your chronic disease condition.

The quality and quantity of food that you put into your body has a direct impact and cumulative effect on your overall long-term health. A healthy and balanced diet does not necessarily mean a strict and regimented low-calorie diet. 

Our health coaches will discuss nutrition strategies to help you acheive your goals during your health coaching sessions. However, for individuals who seek to understand more about their current diet or wish to have a meal plan, our dieticians will also be there to help you.

Am I suitable for this programme? 

Anyone with a desire to achieve better weight and body composition is suitable for this programme. You do not have to be severely obese or suffer from a chronic medical condition to embark on this programme.

How is the programme run?

Our programmes strive to provide you with the best all-rounded approach to help you achieve your goals. After speaking to you regarding your needs, we will craft out a programme that will include sessions and tests to enable you to reach your desired goals in an effective and safe manner.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

No. While time is needed for you to see physical changes, the commitment is ultimately down to you.

Here are 2 samples of various types of patients whose programs were customised to their needs:

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