Our weight management programmes are customized to meet your unique needs as an individual and include sessions with our cardiologist, dietician, physiologist, and exercise trainer. These are not only limited to individuals who intend to manage their weight, but also serve as adjunct treatment for conditions including cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnoea and endocrine disorders.

Am I Suitable For This Programme?

Anyone with a desire to achieve better weight and body composition is suitable for this programme. You do not have to be severely obese or suffer from a chronic medical condition to embark on this programme.

How Is The Programme Run?

Our programmes strive to provide you with the best all-rounded approach to help you achieve your goals. After speaking to you regarding your needs, we will craft out a programme that will include sessions and tests to enable you to reach your desired goals in an effective and safe manner.

Is There a Minimum Commitment Period?

No. While time is needed for you to see physical changes, the commitment is ultimately down to you.

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