Cardiac Rehabilitation

Returning to your normal activities of daily living may be challenging after an acute cardiac event or surgery. With the goal of helping you overcome these challenges, our physiotherapists will guide you through various exercises while closely monitoring your condition and progression during each session.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Breathing is often an autonomous action that we take for granted. Improve your symptoms, breathlessness, and breathing pattern regulation to achieve greater endurance and a better quality of life post-surgery.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Pain is often a symptom of a deeper problem and can only be completely gone if the root issue has been treated. Reduce your pain, restore muscle flexibility and joint mobility, and enhance physical function and performance with the aim to regain independence and prevent further injuries with our sessions.

Back-to-Sports Rehabilitation

Returning to sports after an injury is oftentimes daunting and associated with higher risks of re-injury. Build the necessary foundation and achieve a peace of mind through sports-specific drills, exercises, and movements that are customized to your needs by our physiotherapists.

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