Leading a heart-healthy lifestyle may be challenging and confusing especially after an acute cardiac event or surgery. With the goal of helping you return back to your pre-event/surgery state and lead a healthy lifestyle independently, our team will guide you through the challenges you face while closely monitoring your condition and progression during each session.

Am I suitable for this program?

You are ready to embark on this program as long as your cardiologist has cleared you for exercise after your cardiac event or surgery. However, if you are currently experiencing any form of chronic disease such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or diabetes, this program is also superb way for you to reduce the risk of future heart issues.

How is this program run?

The program is run by our team of allied health professionals to provide you with a co-ordinated and holistic manner in optimising your heart health. This team consists of our physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician and health coach, who will work with your referring doctor (if any).

The initial assessment comprises of a submaximal walking test with telemetry monitoring to have a good baseline measure of your physical and heart capability. The subsequent sessions will be focused on building both your aerobic and strength capacity using various forms of exercises.

Is there a minimum commitment?

It is advisable to undergo at least 6 sessions. This will ensure that you achieve adequate knowledge to change and maintain a heart - healthy lifestyle. However, you will not be penalised for stopping the program earlier.

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