Running Gait Analysis is done using a slow motion video capture used to record the entire gait cycle while you are on the threadmill. A full body movement analysis will be done to determine your running technique.

A good running technique enables you to continue running for the long haul while reducing the risk of acute and overuse injuries. Proper running technique also enhances your running efficiency and performance.

Am I suitable for this? 

This test is perfect for individuals who would like to find out their running technique through a threadmill gait analysis. 

How will the analysis be performed?

You will be walking/running on the threadmill at various speed increments. A slow-motion video will capture your walking/running technique, which will then be reviewed by our physiotherapists.

Upon completion of the video analysis, our physiotherapists will be able to:

  • Assess your posture, static strength, dynamic strength, and flexibility
  • Improve your technique using corrective exercises
  • Provide related technical advice
  • Provide drills and training recommendations
  • Provide a follow-up injury prevention and rehabilitation plan

How long will it take? 

The video analysis and consultations will take approximately 1 hour.

How do I prepare? 

On the day of the appointment:

  • Arrive in appropriate running gear and shoes
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